Digital and Social Marketing:

Strengthen your Capabilities and Competencies. Sell your Training and Services. Generate Passive Incomes with a Digital Platform 3.0

Par José Berre, Business Developper

Harness the Power of a Platform that brings all the Digital Marketing and Business Tools together in one place and allows you to promote it through Social Marketing.

The most complete "All-in-One" Marketing platform innovates. It gathers all the modules and transforms the market by opening the FREE plan in 2020. Beginners and experts take advantage of this offer to train and to undertake!  

Par José Berre, Business Developper

Double revolution: technological and marketing!

In terms of technology, this digital marketing platform is completely revolutionizing the market. It is equipped with new functionalities, including the latest generation of technology for building professional websites.The mobile sites built with this platform are breaking speed records. Scores of up to 99/100 using official performance testing tools (such as Mobile-Friendly Test and Google PageSpeed Insights, but also AppYuser, Gmetrix, Uptrends, Pagelocity,...) were rarely achieved by existing mobile technologies.
The reason is that these experts, specialists in the creation of complex Internet solutions, have completely redesigned the algorithm of their new site builder.

From a Marketing point of view, the financial compensation model for remunerating "user-promoters" is two-tier! A very rare situation in the affiliate marketing sector. This evolution of the business and marketing plan required the investment in millions of dollars to make the global system accessible to all. The consequences of these technological and commercial transformations are that :
The easy handling and the excellent price-performance ratio compared to the competition make e-marketing or digital marketing within the reach of all entrepreneurs. Thanks to this platform, you will be able to run your own business on the Internet, reach a new audience or even earn money by recommending this innovative product.
Don't dream about it anymore! Digital marketing has become a reality for everyone. 

What is it about ?

We are talking about a real ecosystem of tools, modules and digital functionalities to develop your business with digital marketing (create a page, a blog, a website, sales tunnels that help convert prospects into buyers; communicate on social media; automate emailngs, manage customers...). In total, there are 37 powerful applications with dozens of features. 
Here's just an overview of this "all-in-one" platform. 

It is therefore a real digital marketing agency that you can manage to sell your trainings, products and services as a freelance on the net. 
It is a real forest of digital applications and incredible features. Thousands of smart entrepreneurs use it to start, develop and grow their business with this unique platform. 
Among the applications, the latest innovative and intuitive, next-generation builder is as fast as a cheetah. It is Responsive on all types of devices (computers, tablets, Smartphone) and all its elements can be positioned in Pixel Perfect mode and drag-and-drop. 
You will be able to create pages and build Web Sites and Funnels quickly and beautifully.

But, if website building is important... It doesn't do digital marketing alone...
It is only a tiny part of the whole platform offer!

37 tools divided into 7 categories: A whole digital marketing agency at your disposal ! 

This digital marketing platform, the most complete on the market, currently consists of 37 different tools divided into 7 categories. Among these tools you will find :

In the 1st category: Ultra-fast drag-and-drop web editors (Pixel perfect and Cheetah, Wordpress integration, eCommerce by Magento, eLearning, Webinar, mobile application builder, directory builder, etc.).

In the 2nd category: An auto-responder for emailing and a tool for creating professional emails.

In the 3rd Category: Many tools for social media and engagement: Chatbot, Share Locker, Social Pop-up Proof, Website Bot, Facebook Autopost, Browser Notification, Instagram autoresponder, SMS, CRM, Script Generator.

In the 4th Category: Studio Graphic Design tools: Magazine Builder, Mockup Studio, 3D Photo Editor, Animated Videos, Floating Videos, Video Wrapper, Video Tag, Video Funnel, Presentation Tool.

In the 5th category: about the traffic management tools you have a SEO reporting App and a Click Map tool to see the areas that your visitors click.

In the 6th Category: there is a DNS Manager of your connected domains and a very advanced permissions and access rights administration tool.

In the 7th category: a Marketplace, a Webinar creator, a Whatsapp email application, a roulette coupon system for Amazon.

Now, Take a look at the platform in action...

Pricing adapted to users' needs

The most complete platform undoubtedly has the best value for money on the market.
Its economic plan adapts to all profiles according to needs. 
These subscription plans meet all types of needs at an extremely competitive price. 
They have caused an influx of many users to join the platform. 


No Charge
Support by ticket 

$ 0


3 Domains
100 Prospects
Support by ticket and chat

$ 19,90


5 Domains
5,000 Prospects
Support by ticket and chat

$ 29.90


10 Domains 15,000 Prospects Support by ticket and chat

$ 49.90


15 Domains Unlimited Prospecting Ticket and Chat Support

$ 69.90

Monthly rates exclusive of tax, subject to change.

What Guarantee? Test the platform for FREE for 14 days!

Do you want to know if this platform is up to your expectations? 
TEST FREE OF CHARGE all the tools and functionalities of the platform:
After the 14 days trial, you will have the choice between the 3 following possibilities:

But that's not all... There are details that make this platform very special...

A sustainable business opportunity: Earn up to 60% commission on ongoing sales.

We are talking about a very solid company that has been around for 10 years. It gives money back to affiliates when they make sales from the platform. An excellent way to earn ongoing passive income on an ongoing basis. 
We're in the profit-sharing economy! This is an opportunity made possible by the progress of computer science to make money on the internet.
The technique used is called affiliate marketing. But, here again, there is an innovation. Where others offer a one-tier affiliate, here you will earn commissions through a two-tier referral.
You will be able to organize teams of which you will be the sponsor and start building a real networked community of users.

100 %

100% commission on the first monthly payment of your sales.

30 %

30% recurring commission on the monthly payments of each of your sales.

30 %

30% of recurring commissions on the sales of your 1st level referrals.

Personal sales commissions: 100% per sale
As an affiliate, each time you make a sale, you earn a 100% commission on your customer's first payment. Newly registered affiliates start withdrawing their commissions after 35 days. Qualified affiliates can withdraw their commissions 5 days after payment.

Recurring personal sales commissions: 30% per month.
As an affiliate, each time your customers pay their monthly subscription fee, you earn a direct recurring commission of 30% (the amount can be withdrawn 5 days after payment).
2nd level recurring commissions: 30% per month.
As an affiliate, each time your 2nd level customers pay their monthly subscription fee, you earn a recurring commission of 30% withdrawable 5 days after payment). You are therefore also remunerated for the subscriptions of your direct customer's customers. 

Here's how connect Digital Marketing and Social Marketing :
1- You offer Services to your Prospect related to the 37 products indicated above.
2- You make an irresistible offer to your prospect by offering him a reduction on your service if he becomes your Customer.
3- Your Customer is automatically transformed into an Affiliate, thanks to your Affiliate link.
(This will have no impact on the rate he will pay but will assure you a Recurring Passive Income!)
4- Repeat the Steps as often as possible.

Here's your benefit: A platform to develop skills, generate income and network.

Here are the fundamental reasons why you should adopt this digital marketing and business platform. 

1) A tool for acquiring technological and marketing skills to manage and boost your business. 
Digital entrepreneurs need reliable products to survive economically and technologically.
This platform offers you all the tools to :
- Create web pages and sales tunnels (opt-in pages, sales pages, thank you pages, upsell, downsell...),
- Manage and keep in touch with customers thanks to the integrated CRM and emailing software (autoresponder), 
- Animating social networks, etc.
- Invoicing and collecting revenues 

2) A product that you can prescribe to your customers without having created it! 
Every day, entrepreneurs and business owners are looking on the Web for a simpler and less expensive solution for their Web sites and digital marketing. And the demand continues to grow. 
The platform is one of the best products available on the market today at an unbeatable price.
All you have to do is recommend the platform you use and you will be paid by the company for each of your customers every time they pay. You will receive up to 60% recurring revenue by counting your customers' customers. The niche is perennial (evergreen) because the internet is not going to disappear tomorrow and moreover the company has been innovating for 10 years to always adapt to the demand. 
3) A compensation system conducive to building a community of mutual aid.
Two-tier affiliation systems are very rare in the marketing world. This one has been designed to help you take advantage of the work of others in order to create an activity that does not require your constant attention. Being paid by the company on your customers subscriptions provides financial leverage for sponsors. It can help to create and animate mutual support teams between those promoting the platform and new customers or users. To do this,  members of the same lineage can exchange models, web pages, sales funnels. They can even meet in person or by videoconference to exchange best practices. They thus solve the problem of the isolation of independent entrepreneurs.

Don't you think this case is a well-thought-out opportunity? 
Isn't it the ideal product to start generating revenue on the internet?
Here's what we think (our conclusion).

Conclusion: an ideal platform for entrepreneurship

You want to start in entrepreneurship? Here you have a tool, a product and a lever.

You will train and develop skills thanks to an avant-garde, modern and high-performance platform. It is a guarantee of quality and security for you and your customers.

In addition to selling your products and services if you are an entrepreneur, you will be able to earn money by recommending the platform to your customers and other entrepreneurs. 

If you think about all these advantages, the answer is yes: it's a 100% great deal!
With all these developments, you've come at the right time and you're in the right place!
You can get started without further delay!

BONUS ! Don't Be Alone To Move Forward 

We believe in collective intelligence. We like to work in a spirit of mutual aid and cooperation.
Most provider will leave you high and dry after they've delivered the goods (if they deliver the goods), but not us. 

We give you access to a VIP group of extraordinary people.
You will be able to ask them specific and precise questions that you will not have found answers to on the internet.

By working with my tools and integrating my teams, you will be entitled to high value BONUSES.

Bonus #1  - Access to a Facebook Private Group for any question    

Bonus #2  - Access to a Whatsapp Private Group 

Bonus #3  - Access to Good Practice Sharing Meetings (online or physical)

Bonus #4  - Access to additional or related solutions to boost your business. 

Bonus #5 - Access to a shared Blog to publish your articles with your signature and links to your sites.

Bonus # 6  - Clone my system (I will help!)


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